Lip Augmentation and Lip enhancement in Euromedica

Lip Augmentation and Lip enhancement

Lips are one of the most beautiful features of the human face. They provide facial expressions and they are an essential part of the face and their augmentation and remodeling can have a tremendous effect on the face. Restylane and Juvederm are skin fillers which are used usally on the lips. They are natural components in a form of a gel which is similar to hyaluronic acid which is found in our body. Injections usually last from one to two years. Beautiful lips are the first thing you notice in a person. Lips must be delicate and to be in harmony with the face. Having “super” full lips, doesn’t mean they look beautiful in you. It would be enough to have a natural augmentation to give the lips a very beautiful appearance. It is very important if you adapt your lips with the face shape, cheeks and chin in order to be in a perfect harmony with the face.
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Photos before and after surgery