Otoplasty In Euromedica

Plastic surgery of the ears is a surgical technique that corrects deformed ears. Otoplasty can correct ear conditions of all types. The results are impressive, the patient after intervention will have, straight ears, more small ears and more closer to the head.

Otoplasty is the only cosmetic procedure that can be made both at children and adults. Ears reach their full size at age 6 and most parents choose to do this intervention as soon as possible, before their kids have psychological damage by bulling at school.

Of course plastic ear surgery is also made at in hundreds of adult patients every year. Patients who make plastic ear surgery are from different age groups, starting from children, teenagers and adults. This intervention doesn’t have a limit age.

Plastic ear surgery usually takes about two hours and is performed as an outpatient procedure with a healing stage of one week. On the first days ears are covered in bandage. After one week the patient is totally recovered.

The result is apparent immediately after surgery. Plastic ear surgery is an intervention which its results are great satisfaction at any patients.

Otoplasty in Euromedica

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